In the past few months, I have read through a few books related to self-help, socializing, and business development. They all have slightly different messaging to inspire hope and change. 

In one it talks about using empathy to identify needs of others. In turn, placing yourself in their shoes will allow you to approach solutions from their perspective, and hopefully relay them in a positive manner without overstepping boundaries or crossing into the territory of making them a ‘project’. To remain structured and continually approach from empathy instead of telling others what to do based on our own point of view is an important skill to cultivate, as everyone’s perspectives vary based on a host of factors. 

In another talks about how socializing is an innate skill, but can be cultivated by identifying insecurities and accepting them for what they are; identifying fears and conquering them in a systematic nature by building slowly from progress; identifying root causes of anxiety and learning to breathe. Many of the lessons in this particular book are practical, and are broken down using bulleted lists. 

In a final book it prepares the reader to take on the qualities of a leader who can generate great wealth through an inward mindset of repetitive belief statements. The book tells the reader to physically write down their goals and say them aloud, once in the morning and once at night. This is to engrain the message in the reader’s mind, so that they may start to visualize success and how that would affect their surroundings.  

“Open your eyes before you open your mouth." — Gary Burnison

With all of these disparate messages floating around, how do we remain structured? How can we read something spectacular and applicable to our lives, and make an effort to bring the sentiment, statement, or solution to life. I’ve had a few aha moments while reading that will forever alter my discourse. I not only want to remember these moments, but hold them and reflect on them until they become apart of my being. 

The way I remain structured and disciplined to bring these facets to life is by logging daily recurring reminders in the Reminders app (default on iOS). With no additional apps to download, this is a very practical method. I set life lessons or snippets to repeat every morning at 7am, and read them to myself so there is a sense of visualization through repetition that starts to occur. This has been a tremendous help in keeping up with the lessons I have learned, keeping a sense of structure to unstructured data, and ingraining messages in my mind. 

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash