I always strive to learn something from others. 

The people and stories I learn from come from a variety of mediums: in person, in books, in podcasts, in Zoom meetings. It doesn’t matter the medium so much, moreso that I start to grasp on the nuances and overlaps between the storytellers and their anecdotes. A story told can have one meaning or many meanings, and it is up to the listener to infer and take from it what they will, to learn from or repeat the conclusion. 

In reading, I have found that highlighting passages (digitally or physically) has been as important as listening to a speaker because it creates a physical link between the messages in the book to my brain. Alongside highlighting comes writing down quotes and their sources.

It’s always been interesting to see what people have to say about their particular life experiences, even if we have experienced the same thing in different time periods. Everyone has a different take on their experiences due to their environment (nature vs. nurture). We all grow up in different situations, have different opinions, and follow different callings, which lead to different thoughts. With 7.53 billion people on this planet, the amount of thoughts, dreams, and aspirations generated on a daily basis are staggering. 

The thoughts that permeate our minds are the basis for action. Whether or not we choose to follow these actions are up to our level of autonomy and circumstantial free will. Most of us have thoughts and aspirations that are relative to the way we were brought up, or the features that define our environments. I’m most interested to hear from the people who have broken out from their socioeconomic pressures to create something of value from their own vision. I learn the most from those who have started with nothing and have built successful lives for themselves. The basis for foundational change starts from a desire to change from within. 

“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him to find it within himself.” — Galileo

Life is complicated, and it takes moxie to believe in yourself to overcome the challenges that you may face. To learn from one’s mistakes means to avoid making that mistake again; however, to learn from other’s mistakes is to not make the mistake in the first place. Learning from others is a powerful tool to help overcome complication and inspire change from within.

Photo by Paul Schafer on Unsplash