Marketing is the act of convincing interest in your business’ products or services. If we pause and consider empathy, we see that marketing is about finding out and fulfilling others’ desires. 

The scope of which marketing affects business development on a day-to-day level is on par with sales, as it is one of the driving forces behind research-backed strategic positioning. Although sales and marketing are closely related, there is a difference in how market research can be used to fuel product or service development, based on end-user information and goals.

Crafting an effective marketing strategy and means to obtain research can be the difference between a failed product and a viral success. How do we go about marketing our offerings in an effective way, with the rationale to back up our decisions? 

It’s all in the secret of how we approach direct consumer research, and implement that research into offerings that speak to desires. In the frontend, focus on building offerings that tie into the target consumer’s underlying desires, and then display your offerings on the backend through advertisements or other external tactics. 

What do people truly desire? Food, shelter, health, money, life, well-being, control, power, importance. Finding out what your audience is looking for when they commit to action, purchase a product, or procure a service such as yours is the market research that will drive future decisions and strategy. The rationale of decision-making that a consumer takes is the same as the innate rationale that we all have to provide ourselves with the life we are looking for. We act because we need something. We buy because we need something. 

“Good marketers see consumers as complete human beings with all the dimensions real people have.” — Jonah Sachs

Providing a quality offering that matches the wants and needs of your consumer will ensure that any marketing efforts are not made in vain, as the decisions are deeply rooted in external desire. The market research that goes into creating a deliverable and generating interest is about placing importance on the use case, and how this use case fulfills desire. 

Your consumer will already be sold on your offering if you can provide them a way to get what they want, what they truly desire, through empathetic marketing on both sides of the equation: development and outreach.  

Photo by Nicolai Berntsen on Unsplash